We know that isolation due to the pandemic has produced many negative states in people, for that reason we share some actions that will help you cope; stay busy in productive and positive activities, spend time with the family, collaborate with the housework, practice tolerance, solidarity and respect; This will help you considerably to avoid fear, anxiety and stress.

  1. Get up early, exercise for at least 20 mins. a day, you will feel a big difference.
  2. Take advantage of technology, maintain communication with family and friends through the internet or telephone. Expressing what you feel will make you feel much better and will help others to feel united and support you in a better way.
  3. Respect meal times, and eat together as a family. If possible, collaborate together to prepare your meals.
  4. Do and share recreational activities as a family, such as exercises, board games.
  5. Do not put yourself at risk, avoid psychoactive substances that can put you in greater danger from COVID-19

This situation is temporary, together and in solidarity we will all move forward.

Source: https://coronavirus.gob.mx/salud-mental/